Kosovo – 3 days Krav Maga Intensive Course

Kosovo – 3 days Krav Maga Intensive Course

March 20-22, 2020


Israeli Tactical School – Krav Maga Intensive Course

in Kosovo

Course design for beginners and people with experience in KM or other martial arts. The course will start from the basics problem-solutions and basic fighting skills using in Krav Maga.

We give you basic, most effective and based on your reflex response tools Others – teach you 1000 techniques to learn which you will never use. Our solutions are testing every day in real life scenarios in high crime rated places like Ecuador, Columbia, Israel, Poland etc….

We train special forces, security agents, law enforcement worldwide. We know how to deal with active shooters, active stabber and terrorist attacks.

90% student of 3 days Krav Maga courses say that their self-defence skills never been this high and continue training with us.

Our obligation to provide exceptionally elite training require well-rounded instructors with tier 1 operational field combat experience and elite teaching abilities. The main secret of our school success is the human factor combined it with state of the art professional training facilities and elite training programs. Our courses lead instructors are coming from the Israeli Secret Service (Shin-Bet), Mossad, Yamam (Israeli SWAT unit) and Israeli Navy Seals (Shayetet 13), Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matcal) this way every specific program have an —authentic experienced instructor from the original tier 1 unit.

The Knife Seminar workshop, part of the Ultimate Urban Resist training program, is designed for two target groups. The first one is knowledgeable owners of cold steel and aficionados of side arms combat, and the second are those who wish to acquire unique skills of dealing with crisis situations involving knife attacks.

After each class, participants will be able to use specific tools and self-defence skill sets when faced with a knife attack. We will equip our students with the psychological knowledge of coping with stress in critical conditions and show them how to effectively attack with a knife. Participants will come away with the awareness and effective skills of using everyday objects to deter a knife attack.

If you have any questions contact us:

Kosovo – Ardian Rexhepi – +386 49 100 124

Our main office:


Please bring:

Boxing gloves,

Tooth protector,

Water – 3 l per day,

Energy bar / snack

Course Program:

Day no 1.

Day no 2.

Attack from below
Attack from the above
Stabbing attack
Slash attack
Knife to the neck/throat
Knife to the back
Knife from the from
Attack From above

Day no 3.

Knife on knife fighting (use of the knife in fight)


Kickbox Rigoro Gym,
9 Nazim Gafurri, Prishtina (Kosovo)