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March 20, 2020 News

Just another day in Israeli Tactical School!

One of the exercises with the use of RAM training weapons during last year instructor course in Poland

Here you can see an attempt to draw a weapon and one of the options to avoid being shot. The aggressor’s task was to fire as soon as possible and prevent the loss of arms.
As you can see in the movie, the aggressor betrayed his intentions by preparing his hands to draw his weapon, which gave the defender time to react.
One important conclusion can be drawn from this video … Each drawing of a weapon involves appropriate movements and bodywork – this cannot be avoided. Observe the person who may be a potential aggressor, study his facial expressions and body movements, if necessary, react quickly and firmly relying on your intuition. This type of training increases the chances of survival, but they give no guarantee.

Think out of the box!

This type of training can be done with another person at home. You don’t have to train fast or hard, in this case, it’s not even advisable!

An armed person pulls the gun at a natural pace (not at full speed) and the defender reacts in a natural way until the shot is diverted outside of his own silhouette.

The purpose of the exercise is:
1. learning about the work of the body and detecting the aggressor’s intentions
2. developing appropriate reflexes for “clumping” and control of the armed hand before we are hit, learning the work of the body and detecting the intentions of the aggressor.

🤜Do not train at full speed, give yourself time to learn and understand your movements and sense of distance. This is just an exercise, the time will come for speed and full intention …

Further fight for weapons is another part of the training …

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