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What is mental training all about? Why is it so important in combat? ? It takes more than a well-prepared body and a proper technique to survive a direct physical confrontation - a real, brutal fight. I'll say even more - more important than physics and technique is mental preparation—an appropriate level of aggression and determination, the release of the beast mode - unlimited but controlled. ? When undertaking a fight, we

Encountering a stabber almost always ends up in an injury, and surviving a knife attack is a huge success and a rarity. That is why preparation and proper training of self-defense are so necessary. However, teaching defense against a knife is one of the most challenging combat systems issues for the trainer and the instructor. In the article below, you will find answers to the questions: What kind of training equipment is

According to LE and LEKOA (Law Enforcement Officer Killed in Action) statistics that the FBI conducted over the years 2009 - 2018, there were 552.222 attacks on officers in the USA. As a result of those attacks, 510 of the officers mentioned above died. The most important lesson lies in more detailed statistics: Out of those 510: 107 managed to use their weapon;73 tried to do it (and at least draw the gun);287 (!)

Evolution required from men mostly fighting. From women - survival. As clunky as it sounds like blaming the innate traits, we can't deny a significant truth element. I asked Mateusz Orczykowski, chief and head instructor of Israeli Tactical Krav Maga, about the differences and the importance of self-defense mechanisms, developed over the years among men and women. how is women's self-defense different from men's? We owe the differences to evolution. While men

"Why the hell does a healthy person choose training during which he voluntarily gets punched?" Have you ever asked yourself or heard that question? The vast majority of potential martial arts students choose this activity to improve their physical fitness, take part in a sports competition, or learn to defend themselves. If you've found yourself here to learn to defend yourself against aggression, you've come to the right place. But if you

Let's get through a few myths and essential details on this topic. At the outset, I would like to point out that each of the solutions that I teach, was tested many times on UTM / FX training ammunition personally and with the help of my students. Each time, the effectiveness of the learning solutions was at the level of 80-90%. It is often said that if someone wants to kill you,


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